We create clickable, interactive prototypes at the highest level.
Role-based, with realistic data and outrageously fast.

Use interactive prototypes to see if your users' needs are being met and gain insight into user behavior.
The high degree of interactivity allows a very realistic simulation of the end product at a fraction of the development costs.
We specialize in prototypes that scale for very content-rich projects.

The prototypes are web-based and therefore easy to test.

Your benefits

  • Workflows can be tested from start to finish.
  • Gaps in concept and content quickly become apparent.
  • The realistic simulation of the end product allows a much more precise estimation of the extent of the implementation.
  • The development has a very precise, easy-to-understand template for implementation.
  • The visual design can concentrate entirely on the design of the interface and does not have to deal with conceptual questions.


  • Simple integration of realistic content.
  • Data changes and additions remain in the prototype for the duration of the session.
  • Optimized for very high data density: be it for many different data or many similar data with small but important differences.
  • Users can register in the prototype. This allows the simulation of role-based tasks.
  • Prototypes can be multilingual.
  • Any output formats are possible, whether classic desktop webapp, responsive website or mobile app.

Minimum time requirement is 2 days.
Usually there are 2-3 iterations of about one week plus 1 day of user tests per iteration. Extensive projects are completed with a 2-3 day documentation phase.
Clickable prototype.
List of user stories implemented in the prototype.
Screencasts in which the implemented user stories are shown.


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