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A well thought-out content strategy is essential for the design of applications, redesigns of extensive websites and any kind of content revision. We offer the following content packages:

Content Inventories

Workshop Strategie
Content inventories provide the necessary overview of large projects. They are the basis for further clarifications and make it possible to estimate the forthcoming workload. From experience we know, content inventories are particularly helpful for projects such as migrations or redesigns.
Duration: By arrangement, minimum 5 days
List of contents, properties and uses.

Content Audits

Workshop Strategie
Ein Inhalts-Audit ist eine Einschätzung des Zustands und der zu behebenden Mängel aller Inhalte. Ein Audit besteht aus einem Fach-Audit und einem User-Experience Audit. Der Fach-Audit prüft in enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunden Inhalte auf ihre Aktualität und Redundanz oder klärt Verantwortlichkeiten. Der UX-Audit untersucht die Benutzerfreundlichkeit der Inhalte.
Duration: By arrangement, minimum 8 days
List of contents with assessment and, depending on the assignment, with assigned responsibilities.

Comprehensive Content Strategy

Workshop Strategie
A comprehensive content strategy aligns content to achieve a business goal. The content strategy not only deals with content in the narrower sense, but also focuses on how content is structured and prioritized, how it is created and what decisions are behind it. It deals with the entire life cycle of content.
Duration: By arrangement
By arrangement


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